My first digital enriched content travel book

Une page rédigée en français vous attend ici : livre numérique Un Monde Ailleurs, le Meilleur du Blog de Voyages.

I have published my first printed book (« Un Regard sur La Planète« , in French) in November 2009 through my small edition company. For this I’ve used one of the best printing company in Paris, Frazier. This is a very beautiful book with some of my favorite pictures from Greenland, Iceland and tropical islands, related to the impact of environment on men. And it was a great emotion to hold my very first book in my hands!

Printed books are nice, but very difficult to distribute if you do not belong to one of the official distribution companies in France which is quite impossible (and very expensive) if you hold a small company.

But here comes the moment when you feel that print is definitively over and digital books are much more better, more efficient specifically when you need to show a lot of pictures or videos. That’s the reason why I decided to publish from now on only digital books with enriched content.

My first digital enriched content book is is selection of my favorite posts within my 10 years old travel blog, Un Monde Ailleurs. This one is also published in French language, because my travel blog is published in French. Enjoy this big 300 pages full of 140 travel stories about 50 different countries on all 5 continents, more than 2000 travel pictures and some videos from all around the world!

The next book will be published in two languages, English and French. I promise!

Livre Un Monde Ailleurs, par © Marie-Ange Ostré

Either you read French language, or you just want to enjoy more than 2000 pictures from all over the world, please buy my first digital enriched content travel book right now on iTunes!